Change about my pets ! Wanna have some tips?

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Change about my pets ! Wanna have some tips?

Post by Greenthumb on Wed 9 Dec - 16:15

Some changes about my pets... I reforged my SunW ! Was not using it anymore ; so I lvl up my Nezha & Spirit Maiden (I was needing her to try in PVP). I enhanced my Ice Phoen and tomorrow I'll get this f*ckin skin Razz

When Skel King will be Evo6 I'll use it permanently ! But right now I tried this pets combos:
Team1: Grubly + Capt Sam
Team 2: Boxer + Borik
Team 3: Hades + Ice Phoen or Nezha (depend of the stage)
Team1: Grubly or Ice Phoen + Capt Sam or Skel King (depend of my mood)
Team 2: Boxer or Skel King + Borik
Team 3: Ice Phoen + Nezha (but I'm still waiting for the Death Mark on Hades Mad )
BR –
Team1: Boxer + Ice T
Team 2: Ice Phoen + Borik
Team 3: Nezha + Skel King

Now I would know some tips about my pets combos ! Cuz I find some of them are pretty weak... Just Hades has more than 240k hp but the others are pretty low and dont hurt so much ! So if you have some tips for me Idea

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