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Post by Ayu on Mon 12 Oct - 4:58


The goal of the battle is simple – be the first team to kill a Boss on the map. Each Boss will have a Damage Reduction of 100%. In order to reduce the Damage Reduction of the Boss, a team must capture the energy nodes. Capturing these nodes will reduce the Damage Reduction of that team's Boss.


Take nodes (All players). Then mountless peoples Job is to defend and reclaim lost nodes, 1-2 players defend rest capture. Some frosthorn and sparkfangs should defend aswell. After we control most or all nodes mounted people (mainly Fireborn and Sparkfangs) DPS the boss. The rest defend nodes. No MOUNTLESS PEOPLE DPS THE BOSS.

Only one player gets the point when taking a node. Thats the first player on the node! So no use for multiple players standing around a node.

Whichever team kills A BOSS WINS. That means if they kill ours they win..
Important!!! If we dominate we need to pull our boss toward our spawn or our pit. DON’T PULL HIM TOWARDS ENEMY. Secondly. Place yourself so u defend our boss, meaning so the enemy need to fight you before they can hit our boss.


If all looks lost, The plan changes. Then we gather and when their boss hp is low we try to go in and Snipe the boss. It dosent matter which boss dies, we win if we kill the other teams boss as long as we get the killing blow.


NEVER die beside the boss since he regains health then.
Have pets that have good ability’s, like boxer, skeleking, ice turtle (can heal mounts), Sam, grubly, boric etc.
Have at least 200-800 market crystals to resurrect directly (Buyback) a couple of times. Save some for last percents of boss.


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