General Directions of the Guild

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General Directions of the Guild  Empty General Directions of the Guild

Post by TorakS22 on Mon 12 Oct - 11:30


I want all members to download whatsapp and then send ur number to me, Megaboss, Ayu, 69 so we can add u. To the highest degree i want u to change ur name or choose a name close to the one u have ingame.


We strive to recruit the best players. At this moment the aim is people of 300 + might with mount. I try to hit up world chat that we are recruting from time to time. Id like it if even ordinary members (not L or VCs) also hit up the chat that we are recruting 300 k might + guys. If people write u direct them to VCS or me. Sometimes we divert from the 300 k might aim, reasons can be that a member has left and we need more players or that he has friends in the guild. We want our members to be able to play with there friends.

Warpath Times:

Warpath will always be announced in guild message and in whatsapp.

Keep 6 Battle royal tickets at all times. Sometimes we do 2 warpath same day.

Sometimes we will bid early morning or late nights, when not all can participate. The reason for this is that a warpath at these times is alot cheaper. We can get a Purple Warpath for 12 k at 1050 am while a 20 pm one can cost up to 70 k development.

We will also do warpath during primetimes from time to time so more members can participate even though the cost is alot higher.

ITS ALLOWED to AFK a Warpath. If u find that u cannot participate, like if you are at work, you can join and afk. If you do this though i want you to tell a VC or Leader about it. Also if u choose to Afk i want u to look and make sure the group never gets full, check like every 5 mins. If it gets full you will have to leave to make place for someone who can participate activly.

Guild Development:

We are trying to upgrade the store to level 32 so we can buy bloodgems. The hard thing about this is that Guild Hall has to be of the same level. So for now we will upgrade Guild hall one level then store one level etc.

Edit: With Regnum update we will try to upgrade Baazar to level 4. That gives us 3 more buys and 1 more refresh per day.

More to come.

/Torak and Vcs

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General Directions of the Guild  Empty Re: General Directions of the Guild

Post by MegaBoss on Mon 12 Oct - 21:40


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